The student debt crisis is growing everyday


Outstanding student debt in the United States

Meet Pillar

We’re on a mission to help Americans get out of debt and feel less stressed about their finances.

Pillar does the hard work for you—tracking  income, spending and debt to come up with the best way to pay down  balances and keep more of your hard earned dollars.

The team leading Pillar

Michael Bloch

Founder & CEO

My wife graduated from law school with more than $300,000 in student loans. We read blogs and articles, created spreadsheets, and even consulted a financial advisor, but there was still no easy answer on how to pay back all that money. Our struggle inspired me to start Pillar and solve this problem.

Meredith McClarty

Head of Design

I finished school $20,000 in debt, and I was one of the lucky ones—on average students who graduate with debt owe at least $30,000. At 22, who knows how to tackle that? My friends and I surely didn’t. I joined Pillar to provide people with the guidance I wish I had and to help people get out of debt faster.

Jon Levinson

Head of Product

Working at Pillar has given me the opportunity to truly focus on addressing one of America’s biggest, most consequential problems; one that affects almost everyone in my generation in one way or another. The solutions aren’t simple, but the real stakes of this challenge are incredibly motivating and what keep me, and this team giving 100% effort every day.

Ben Clifford

Head of Engineering

It's not often that software companies have the opportunity to work on issues that our politicians and leaders talk about every day. When I saw what Pillar had the chance to accomplish, I knew I had to be a part of it. I'm excited to make an impact on the lives of the millions of Americans that are working to become debt free.

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